Little Tennis Stars was created and founded in 2017 by Dionysia Paronis.

We deliver our program to children from 18 months through our Petite program, ANZ Hot Shots Blue, Red, Orange and Green programs.  We run lessons daily at Holmesdale Tennis Club and local ELC/Childcare Centres across Adelaide, as well as school holiday programs.

And for the adults, we have introduced Cardio Tennis.

The team at Little Tennis Stars all hold police clearances and working with children checks.

To keep up with children and the tennis world all staff members attend regular workshops and take part in training to ensure the highest of quality. As a result this assists in designing the lessons and ensures a successful up to date term plan.

Having the Little Tennis Stars program has been an amazing learning opportunity to our physical education program

The Learning Sanctuary Montessori, Norwood


Coach Didi is an absolutely amazing tennis coach. She is full of knowledge and has amazing learning techniques to teach the children.
She is able to actively engage each child in both large and small group settings. This helps them learn to enter and exit play.
You can see from observing our weekly tennis lessons that she is committed to providing meaningful experiences to children (and its fun too!).
This opportunity provides children with new skills and develops group interactions including:

Fine and gross motor development
Hand and eye skills
Movement and body manipulation skills
Verbal and non-verbal communication skills

The parents really enjoyed this incursion with almost 100% participation.
The feedback from both children and families has been amazing and we will be continuing this in the future.

The Little Tennis Stars program has been a fantastic addition to our program

Jescott Montessori Preschool

Didi is a pleasure to work with. She has such genuine enthusiasm for what she does and she is really committed to providing meaningful experiences to children. Didi is also very respectful of not adding extra weight to the workload of the teaching team, so she takes care of as many administrative details as possible and provides us with lots of communication so we are always informed and empowered. Our teachers are also really inspired by Didi’s ideas and we can see that her influence is starting to spread to the activities that we plan too!
The parents have been incredibly excited about it. The fact that it occurs within the preschool day seems to make a huge impact, as it gives their child access to tennis coaching without adding another extra commitment to their busy schedules.
The best endorsement comes directly from the children – they absolutely love the lessons and are always so proud to share stories with their parents about the new games they’ve played and skills that they’ve learned. They come back from their tennis sessions with such big smiles on their faces, and that really says it all!

Little Tennis Stars Program

Kelly Squire
Early Childhood Teacher

Over the past 5 months I have been involved in taking the children outside for tennis lessons. The experiences which the children are involved compliment the Early Years Learning Framework beautifully.

  1. Children develop a strong sense of identity through feeling safe, secure and supported. Didi is amazing with the children and encourages them to do their best.
  2. Children are connected with and contribute to their world. Through the tennis experiences, the children develop a sense of belonging to a group of learners, as well as being aware of fairness.
  3. Children have a strong sense of wellbeing. The health and wellbeing of all children is so important in this age of technology. The dynamic activities which Didi organizes, allows the children to be outside in the fresh air, using a wide variety of muscles, all whilst having fun.
  4. Children are confident and involved learners. Didi has a wonderful rapport with the children; she encourages them to have a go, and always has a smile to share.
  5. Children are effective communicators. During tennis lessons, the children are exposed to a wide variety of ‘tennis’ vocabulary, which the children are encouraged to use when interacting with one another.

I thoroughly recommend the Little Tennis Star Program to all Centres. The children don’t need to travel anywhere, and Didi adapts her program to suit weather conditions.

Didi and her team run a fantastic organised business.

Emma Staltari

Our daughters have started little tennis stars this year.

Didi and her team run a fantastic organised business. I have seen my girls have learnt and improved their skills set in tennis, teamwork and fitness.

My daughters tend to struggle with persistence and ‘pushing through’ – they have been fantastic this year with continuous reassurance and encouragement from Didi!”