Over the past 5 months I have been involved in taking the children outside for tennis lessons. The experiences which the children are involved compliment the Early Years Learning Framework beautifully.

  1. Children develop a strong sense of identity through feeling safe, secure and supported. Didi is amazing with the children and encourages them to do their best.
  2. Children are connected with and contribute to their world. Through the tennis experiences, the children develop a sense of belonging to a group of learners, as well as being aware of fairness.
  3. Children have a strong sense of wellbeing. The health and wellbeing of all children is so important in this age of technology. The dynamic activities which Didi organizes, allows the children to be outside in the fresh air, using a wide variety of muscles, all whilst having fun.
  4. Children are confident and involved learners. Didi has a wonderful rapport with the children; she encourages them to have a go, and always has a smile to share.
  5. Children are effective communicators. During tennis lessons, the children are exposed to a wide variety of ‘tennis’ vocabulary, which the children are encouraged to use when interacting with one another.

I thoroughly recommend the Little Tennis Star Program to all Centres. The children don’t need to travel anywhere, and Didi adapts her program to suit weather conditions.

Kelly Squire
Early Childhood Teacher

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